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  • Driving lessons by Newmarket Driving School

    Newmarket Driving School offer lessons to suit all abilities from qualified drivers requiring refresher lessons to nervous learners. Our instructors are patient and are understanding to nervous students. Lessons will be conducted on a one to one basis using a modern, fully insured, dual controlled car.

    Our fully qualified male and female instructors use a teaching method that is designed for learners of all abilities. This easy learning system combined with highly experienced instructors provide Newmarket Driving School consistent with high first time test pass rates.

    How does it all work?

    Your driving instructor will meet you at a location of your choice. If you have previous driving experience, you will most likely start the lesson from your pickup point. If you are a novice driver, your instructor will take you to a quiet location to start. The lesson will also end in a location of your choice.

    Many driving schools only offer 2 hour driving lessons. For some, this can be a little long. We offer lessons in 60, 90, 120 minutes or more if required. Newmarket Driving School use a variety of cars. All small, which makes making the manoeuvres easy, well maintained and clean.

    How many driving lessons will I need to take?

    It is important to understand that everybody's abilities are different. However, your first time driving lesson as a novice will not only be teaching you to drive, but your instructor will be assessing your ability. Based on this he or she will provide you with an accurate assessment of how many hours overall you will need.

    The amount of hours to reach test standard based on the national average is 45. Newmarket Driving School's average is 30 hours.

    How much do your driving lessons cost?

    Our driving lesson prices are highly competitive, especially when combined with our high test pass rates:

    Amount of LessonsLesson Prices
    1 hour driving lesson £30.00

    If lessons are pre-paid in bulk, discounts apply:

    Amount of LessonsLesson Prices
    10 - 19 hours pre-paid £29.00 per hour
    20 - 29 hours pre-paid £28.00 per hour
    30 - 40 hours pre-paid £27.00 per hour
    40 plus hours pre-paid £26.00 per hour