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  • Refresher driving lessons by Newmarket Driving School

    Refresher driving courses are designed for individuals who already have a full driving licence, whether a UK or international licence. Generally refresher courses only take a few hours to complete and are surprisingly simple.

    How long is a refresher course?

    At the beginning of the course, your driving instructor will assess what areas you need to improve on and guide you accordingly. Whilst doing this, he or she will also offer you an indication of how many hours you will need.

    Many individuals need refresher lessons simply because they have not driven in a while. Generally 3 to 5 lessons is sufficient to regain driving skills and confidence. If you are from another country and intend on taking the UK driving test, further driving skills may need to be obtained such as manoeuvres and correct use of mirrors for example. In this case, 5 to 10 hours is often sufficient.

    What are the benefits of refresher driving lessons?

    If you have:

    • not driven for a long time and are nervous about getting behind the wheel
    • not driven on the left hand side of the road before
    • lost your driving licence and need to retake the driving test
    • been in an accident and need to improve your driving confidence
    • Taken a new job that involves motorway driving

    Refresher driving lessons are priced at £30.00 per hour.

    If you would like to discuss a refresher course and how many hours we suggest it may take, please e-mail or call us on 0845 388 9358 or mobile 0792 088 6044.