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    Intensive driving courses are the fastest way possible to learn to drive take the DVSA official driving test, pass and gain a full UK car driving licence. The main benefits from an Intensive Driving Course (or a crash course as they are sometimes referred to) compared to the standard tuition is that because you are taught in such a short space of time, it allows your confidence to grow and the knowledge you learn is not so easily forgotten.

    How does the course work?

    At the start of the course, you will be assigned a fully qualified driving instructor. Our team consists of only the most friendly and patient of driving instructors. We believe that confidence building combined with easy to understand teaching techniques is the key to success. Due to these methods, all of our instructors maintain high first time driving test pass rates. The entire intensive course will be with the same instructor.

    Driving instructors at Newmarket Driving School are highly experienced in working with learners of all ages and abilities. Our easy learning techniques are ideally suited for everyone. Our learning system is structured around the individual, leading to test standard in the fastest possible time.

    An intensive course can be taken in a single week or spread over more time if requested. Everyone has different schedules, so at Newmarket Driving School we don't have set course duration. We discuss your current schedule and work around any commitments you may have. Often before an intensive starts, an assessment lesson is taken. This lesson is designed to not only teach you to drive, but for your instructor to carefully assess your ability. He or she will then provide you with a accurate estimation of how many hours you will need.

    How much will the course cost?

    The national average to reach test standard is 45 hours of professional tuition, plus private tuition on top Due to our learning techniques and experienced instructors, Newmarket Driving School gains test standard in our students in around 30 hours.

    Discounts are available for pre-paid block bookings as detailed below:

    Amount of HoursCourse Prices
    10 hours £290.00 (29.00 per hour)
    20 hours £560.00 (28.00 per hour)
    30 hours £810.00 (27.00 per hour)
    40 hours £1000.00 (25.00 per hour)